Why Choose Oasis Interventional Spine Care?

Our Mission and Values

At Oasis Interventional Spine Care we take a ‘holistic’ approach to patient care by focusing on the whole person and not just the problem area. We work with patients and their other healthcare providers to provide the best and most comprehensive care and treat our patient’s health conditions effectively. We make use of our clinical expertise, technology and ability to coordinate care across the healthcare disciplines to improve our patient’s quality of life.


With years of experience and advanced training we strive to stay current in our field and provide informed, evidence-based care. Having completed his fellowship training at one of the most highly regarded training programs in the country, the University of Pennsylvania Penn Spine Center, Dr. Mathew Abraham strives for excellence and incorporates the latest technology into the practice when warranted. He stays up to date by attending and participating in numerous programs through the International Spine Intervention Society and the North American Spine Society and maintains an active interest in research.

At Oasis Interventional Spine Care we use state of the art technologies and equipment to assist us in determining accurate diagnoses and provide our patients with the most effective treatments.


The most expert care is meaningless if delivered without compassion. Healthcare in the United States has been undergoing numerous changes in recent years and doctors have been pressured to see more patients in less time, often at the expense of providing compassionate care. Oasis Interventional Spine Care was founded based on the idea that patients are not just numbers but are individuals who  deserve the time and attention needed to maximize the benefits of their treatment. We care deeply about the health and well-being of our patients and pride ourselves in the compassionate care we deliver.