Trigger Point Injection

What is a Trigger Point?

The term “Trigger Point” is used to describe very tight bands of muscle that spasm and can be painful. These tight bands of muscle can sometimes be felt under the skin and may be referred to as “knots”. Trigger points can occur for various reasons including injury from trauma such as car accidents and/or whiplash injury, repetitive muscle strain from poor posture or sometimes psychological distress.  

What is a Trigger Point Injection?

A trigger point injection is a simple procedure done in the office and makes use of a small needle and a local anesthetic (numbing) medication to break up the tight muscle bands and improve pain from muscle spasm. Injections usually take just a few minutes to perform and several sites may be injected in one visit. If a patient has an allergy to the anesthetic medication, a dry-needle technique (involving no medications) can be used.